Our Story


Shucker Club is the incarnation of two great friends and oyster lovers Bobby Groves and Tobyn Cleeves. 

Both passionate about good honest food and the coastal communities of the UK they have combined their forces to bring you Shucker Club.

 The pair first met on the UK festival circuit in 2010.  Bobby stumbled across Tobyn’s Hotel Bell Tent camps in various fields around the UK whilst on tour playing the banjo with Beans on Toast and other bands. They instantly bonded over a shared love of food, camping, motorcycles and music and ended up working together in events for over half a decade.  

 When the time came for Bobby to follow his oyster dream full time, the two remained great friends and Tobyn would always contact Bobby for the best oysters and seasonal fish, often resulting in a clandestine meeting somewhere to hand over the goods..

 Bobby started his oyster journey working on the oyster beds in his school holidays and has continued to hone his knowledge and shucking skills to the present day where he heads up the oysters of an international boutique hotel group.

 Constantly looking to improve his knowledge he persuaded Triumph to lend him a motorbike that he used ride the length and breadth of the UK and Southern Ireland visiting all the best oyster farmers and producers. One book deal later and 'Oyster Isles' by Bobby Grooves is a top selling shellfish title on Amazon.  

Fast forward to 2019 and Bobby’s wedding in remains of a castle above Malaga.  

While celebrating into the wee hours the two decide they want to work together again. This time to bring the freshest and best quality oysters directly from the producer to the client’s door. This “tide to your table” approach utilises Bobby’s knowledge and personal producer contacts, supports a sustainable industry that has been nobbled by Brexit and enables oyster lovers to order the best.

 Join us on our mission and welcome to the club..