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  • Hand Sliced and Laid Back Scottish Side Salmon
  • Hand sliced Scottish Salmon
  • Scottish Salmon
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Hand Sliced and Laid Back Scottish Side - min 900g

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Sourced from the clean waters of Wester Ross off the dramatic coast of the Western Highlands, these fish come from one of Scotland's most respected salmon producers.

These slow-grown premium fish are hand-reared using no antibiotics, medicines or growth promoters and are Freedom Food and RSPCA certified.

Hot smoked over oak chips in Suffolk to create a subtle yet defined flavour.

'Laid back' means that each 'leaf' is cut by hand down to the skin with a film placed between each slice. It makes for a really impressive display on the table and means the salmon will not dry out in the fridge.

Our 900g (min) pack is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Feel free to add more fish or Butley Creek Oysters to this order, as they come from the same place, so there will be only one shipping charge