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Poole Rock Oysters, Dorset, England

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Sweet and Nutty flavour/Natural Harbour

These oysters are farmed in the warm, plankton-rich waters of Poole Harbour, on the South Coast of England. They have a delicious nutty flavour and have a good shelf life, especially in the cooler months. They are available all year round.

The farm has been producing shellfish in Poole for over thirty years and uses innovative techniques to produce these lovely oysters. Oyster seed is produced in a hatchery and then grown in mesh bags hung on a nursery raft until it reaches a suitable size to be laid on the seabed. The oysters ideally are over 10g in size so that they are strong enough to be protected from the crabs. This generally takes about 1 year.

Once laid on the seabed the oysters grow quickly to market size and are harvested by a remarkable craft dubbed the “eco-harvester”. Water jets blow the oysters onto a stainless steel conveyor and up onto the barge, where sizeable oysters are selected and anything too small is returned unharmed to the seabed. The repeated lifting of the oysters, and just the largest selected, means that the oysters grow to a very good shape. They are very meaty as they are grown directly on the bottom, and the shell is never too elongated, as it is moved so many times during its life.


Oysters (molluscs)